Amidst the lush beauty of Schwartz Peony Garden, a happy family bonds, sharing laughter and snuggles in the lovely May weather.

Capturing Moments in Bloom: Why Spring Family Photos Are Simply the Best!

Cherished family time in the scenic Schwartz Peony Garden—a mix of laughter, play, and warm snuggles in May at Seneca Creek State Park during spring family photos.

When families start planning for a photo session, they typically pick fall. I understand why, fall is my favorite season! The pretty colors of the leaves, cozy sweaters, and the excitement of the holidays all make fall a great season for taking family photos. But, what if we tried something new this year, and thought about scheduling in spring instead? Based on my photography experience, I believe that spring family photos can be just as wonderful, if not better. Let me explain why.

Top things to do in Maryland in the Spring

Amidst the lush beauty of Schwartz Peony Garden, a happy family bonds, making wishes as they blow the seeds of dandelions into the air.
A beautiful day in Schwartz Peony Garden—mom, dad, and their little boy enjoy playful antics, warm snuggles, and delightful laughter at Seneca Creek State Park.
Snuggles, play, and laughter fill the air as a family enjoys Schwartz Peony Garden—capturing precious moments at Seneca Creek State Park.

Grab the Best Dates in Spring

One big reason why spring is a better option for family photos is because my schedule gets super busy in the fall. It can be tough to find a time that works well for your family. I have much more availability in the spring, and it’s a more laid-back season – compared to all the school stuff, family events, and holidays in the fall. For me, this means I can schedule more photo sessions without feeling too overwhelmed. Plus, it gives you more flexibility; it’s way easier to pick a time for your spring family photos that fits everyone’s schedule.

Snag the Perfect Spots for Spring Family Photos

In spring, we don’t have the crowds and busyness of photo locations like we do in the fall. This means we have more freedom to find and take natural, candid pictures without feeling rushed or limited in space. Whether you picture your family strolling in a peaceful peony field, standing under blooming cherry trees, or playing by a gentle stream, spring offers many beautiful places that can serve as a lovely backdrop for your photos.

A family day out at Schwartz Peony Garden—enjoying playful moments, walks, and cozy snuggles amidst the picturesque scenery. Mom and son share a moment as they stop to smell the peonies.
A beautiful family walk in Schwartz Peony Garden—mom, dad, and their adorable 3-year-old boy enjoying nature and playtime.
A joyful family of three—mom, dad, and a young boy—enjoying a playful moment during spring family photos in Schwartz Peony Garden at Seneca Creek State Park.

Fresh and Flowy Spring Style

As the weather gets warmer, it’s a great opportunity to go for a breezy and relaxed style with your family’s outfits. You can leave behind the heavy coats and layers you’d wear in the fall and winter and opt for a light feel with spring family photos. Choose comfortable and stylish dresses, flowy skirts, and soft tops that showcase your family’s unique styles. These outfits will help express your family’s personalities and create photos full of movement and emotion.

Check out my Styling Guide

Spring Family Photos give you Great Weather

Spring Family Photos are a great choice because of the reliable and comfortable weather in Maryland. Surprisingly, spring has about as much rainfall as fall does, but without the chill. With more available days in the spring and the flexibility to reschedule if needed due to warmer temperatures, it’s an ideal time to capture your family’s unique styles and personalities in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

The loving family explores Schwartz Peony Garden in May at Seneca Creek State Park, capturing tender moments and laughter.
Family joy captured in Schwartz Peony Garden: a heartwarming scene of mom, dad, and their young son enjoying a fun day at Seneca Creek State Park. Mom and son stop to smell the peonies.
Mom holds her son as he rest his head on her shoulder in a lush green field.

More Sunlight in the Springtime

Spring has more daylight hours, which makes it easier to plan family photos around work and school. Even families with little kids can have a photo session later in the evening without stress (with a few small changes, like adjusting nap times, making sure they’re comfortable in what they’re wearing, and are well fed.) This flexibility makes it more convenient and relaxing for everyone to capture those special family moments.

Spring Keeps it Stress-Free

Fall can be really busy with school starting, lots of after-school activities, and many holidays one after another. That’s why I believe spring family photos are the better option! Unlike the fall chaos, spring is way more chill, giving us all the time we need to capture those awesome family moments without any of the stress that usually tags along with all the fall commitments.

A beautiful day in Schwartz Peony Garden—mom, dad, and their little boy enjoy playful antics, warm snuggles, and delightful laughter at Seneca Creek State Park. Son holds a flower up for dad to smell as the family walks hand in hand.

When planning for special family photos, consider breaking away from the usual fall routine and embrace the lively atmosphere of spring! It offers a more relaxed experience compared to the busy fall season. You have plenty of options for scheduling, and there are beautiful backgrounds with blossoming scenery. Spring comes with more daylight and stable weather, making it a predictable and convenient time for everyone. This ensures that capturing those important family moments is a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Don’t miss out on this chance to make your family’s story come alive in the most enjoyable way! Schedule your session today!

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