Mom snuggles her pregnant belly, while her family plays behind her on an Annapolis beach

Document the Beauty of Your Pregnancy: Why Summer is the Best Time for Maternity Photos

A joyful pregnant mom twirls her flowing dress on the beach for her summer maternity photos, while her husband and two adorable daughters play joyfully in the background.

As a newborn photographer, I often get asked about the best time for maternity photos. I recommend scheduling your maternity photos between the 29th and 36th weeks of pregnancy. During this time, we can document the beautiful moments of your pregnancy while also ensuring your comfort. Many people love to schedule sessions in the fall due to the temperate weather and scenic views. But when considering your maternity photoshoot window, you may need to plan it for the summer. Don’t worry, though, as there’s something special about the summer season that adds a touch of magic to your summer maternity photos. Here are a few reasons why:

Summer Maternity Photos = Perfect Weather Opportunities

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor photoshoots, as the weather is warm and sunny well into the evenings. This means you can take advantage of beautiful natural light and stunning outdoor locations, such as gardens or beaches. Plus, you can wear light and airy outfits that complement the season, which will add to the overall aesthetic of your photos.

A family of four, with a glowing expectant mother, enjoy a relaxing moment on the beach during their photo session as they celebrate the impending arrival of their newest member.
A tender moment captured as the expectant mother snuggles into her partner's arms, while he lovingly kisses her forehead during their beach maternity photoshoot.
An endearing moment as both mom and dad's hands cradle the pregnant belly, symbolizing the loving bond with their unborn child during this special maternity photoshoot.
Mom and dad walk hand in hand, enjoying the shoreline as their two playful daughters splash in the waves during their summer maternity photo session.

Scheduling is More Flexible

Summer is a popular time for weddings and other events, but it is typically a quieter time for other photoshoots. This provides you with more flexibility when scheduling. Odds are better that you’ll secure a date that works well for both you and your photographer.

You Can Include the Beauty of Nature in your Summer Maternity Photos

Summer is the perfect time to incorporate nature into your photoshoot. You can take advantage of blooming flowers, lush greenery, and other seasonal elements to create stunning summer maternity photos that will capture the essence of the season. From sunflowers to beaches, the possibilities are endless.

Toddler daughter kisses mom's pregnant belly while having their summer maternity photos taken.
Family of four plays on the beach in Annapolis, MD.

Summer Maternity Photos can be a time to Connect with your Family

During summer, it’s a wonderful time to plan the session around your partner and/or family. Choose a memorable experience together for your photoshoot, like playing games in an open field, or splashing in the waves at the beach; and document those fun moments in your photos. With more opportunities to create playful and happy images, you’ll have beautiful memories to cherish.

Ultimately, summer is the perfect time for maternity photos. With beautiful weather, flexible scheduling, and the ability to incorporate nature into your summer maternity photos, you’ll have an unforgettable experience capturing this special time in your life. So if you’re expecting a little one, consider scheduling your maternity photoshoot this summer and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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Family of 4 lay together on the sandy shore of Annapolis, MD.

Ready to create beautiful summer maternity photos in Crofton, MD, and surrounding areas? As a family, newborn, and motherhood photographer, I am thrilled to connect with you and document the beauty and joy of your pregnancy during this magical season. Contact me today, and let’s begin this wonderful journey of preserving your summer maternity moments.

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