Dress to Impress: Why Dressing Up for Your Photo Session is a Must

Expecting mom and dad dressed up for a photo session at Great Falls Park.
Dress: Zebubeyou

A photo session is a celebration of the love and connections between its members.

I believe a family photo session is about more than just creating an image for a yearly photo card. It’s an opportunity to celebrate your family and the love and connection shared between its members. It’s a time to come together and express your unique personalities. Honor your special relationships. Just as we dress up for other special events in our lives, I believe that family photo sessions are also a celebration worthy of dressing up for.

Whether it’s a new addition to the family, a milestone event, or just a chance to document who your family is in this moment in time, a family photo session is a special occasion that should be honored as such. Dressing up for your photo session can enhance its specialness. This adds excitement to the overall experience and elevates the artistry of your final images.

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Pregnant mom twirling skirt and holding her baby bump.
Expectant mom twirling her skirt on the beach at Great Falls Park.
Expectant mom tossing her skirt as she poses on the water's edge at Great Falls Park.

Styling your session adds excitement and enhances your final images.

But, as a mom of twins; I get it. Sweatpants are part of my everyday uniform. I’ve experienced the challenges of planning out and acquiring outfits for a photo session. I relate to why you might feel unsure that dressing up is true to who your family is. With this understanding, I decided to add styling assistance along with access to my client closet to my pre-session services. By dedicating time to finding special outfits that you love; we generate excitement around celebrating this special occasion. Plus, we create a cohesive look that will really up the wow factor of your final images.

Your photos will be beautiful no matter what because they show the love and care between the members of your family; but dressing up for your photo session adds that little cherry on top – the colors, textures, and patterns add depth and visual interest to the images. This makes them more impactful, while still commemorating the essence of who your family is. (Find more info about styling your outfits, here.)

Expecting mom and dad embracing on the edge of the water at Great Falls Park.
Expectant mom and dad hugging and sharing a kiss.
Close up of expectant mom cradling her baby bump in a teal dress.

Dressing up for your photo session elevates the photo session experience.

Above all, a family photo session is a special occasion that should be celebrated and cherished. Dressing up for your photo session demonstrates how you honor your family, and elevates the artistry of your final images. So go ahead, dress up, and let’s create a beautiful experience with your family – you won’t regret it.